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DermaClinix is the multi-speciality clinic for all the hair and skin problems. Our main aim is to guide you to the best suitable treatment for your skin/hair problems with genuine consultation before the treatment and high graded care after the treatment. Our doctors are highly qualified with degree and training from AIIMS Delhi. We use latest technology in the market and state of art facilities to make sure your treatment results best and incomparable.

Our Doctors are also keen to learn about advancements taking place in the fields of various skin diseases, pediatric skin diseases, diseases of the hair and nail, skin allergies, blistering diseases, autoimmune skin diseases, acne, psoriasis, warts, and all other skin conditions, both common and rare as well as various cosmetic procedures and lasers to provide you the best and latest treatment. They regularly update themselves through various training sessions and more.

Our goal is to provide latest high tech dermatological/skin treatments at fractional cost and care with ethical values.

About Derma Clinix

We are dedicated whole heartedly in setting higher standards in providing proper treatments to patients. We choose our doctor carefully because they are responsible to bring reputation to our clinic by providing best treatment solutions to patients. The staff members are trained to provide safety to patients, and help the doctors during treatment. Out main motto is to serve people with full dedication.

So, if you are searching for any anti aging, hair transplantation and reduction, skin care treatments then you can visit our clinic and find the best solutions for yourself. We will help you out getting right assistance and provide the best treatment for your skin and hairs. These treatments will be fully tested under the adverse conditions and will benefit you in all aspects. We will try our best to help you out fighting with the side effects, if any occur during or after the treatments. We are fully dedicated and supportive to our client. So get your treatment planned today.