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Birthmarks are of different types such as moles, café-au-lait spot, Mongolian spot, salmon patches, port wine stains, hemangiomas and many more. All these may be "natural", but often these birthmarks treatment in delhi are seen as unwanted blemish to soul-sapping scar that leaves people in lack of confidence and self esteem. Fortunately the advanced and modern technology like laser can reduce or totally remove the impact of birthmarks safely and effectively without any risk factor.

The birthmarks clinic in delhi is just a discoloration of the skin that can be caused due to many reasons like excess of the pigmentation that gives skin its color, unusual grouping of blood vessels and many more that are sometimes unknown. At Derma clinix, we provide incomparable laser treatment for birthmarks removal which is suitable for all kind of above mentioned birthmarks; the only difference is that some require longer treatment course and others less.

Getting a birthmark laser removal treatment is a big decision, so it is advisable to deal with the best reputed laser clinics where the doctors and staff members are happily willing to book a consultation to talk over the options and help you decide what, if any treatment is right for you. As laser treatment is very sophisticated that involved customized light wave for specific coloration of the birthmarks, the laser cut down the color of the birthmarks making it faded and results in blending it with the surrounding skin color without leaving any scar. We at Derma Clinix apply anesthetic creams before the treatment to avoid any discomfort or intolerance

Sr. No Package Name 1 Sitting 6 Sittings Valentine Day Offer 4 Sittings Get Package
1. Below 5cm2 6000/- 24000/- 12000/- 20000/- click here
2. 5-10 cm2 8000/- 30000/- 16000/- 28000/- click here
3. 10cm2 to 20cm2 10000/- 35000/- 20000/- 36000/- click here
4. Upto 20cm2 12000/- 40000/- 24000/- 40000/- click here