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In Body Sculpting/Shaping, we use liposuction treatment best cost in delhi process to take out the excessive body fat and make body slim. This is very common and effective fat reduction technique.

We at Derma Clinix provide you the best liposuction procedure with maximum shaping and minimum scars. It is the best treatment process for reducing/removing the superficial layer of fat from some body parts such as buttocks, thighs and abdomen which respond better than any other body area to this treatment. Liposuction helps reduce the size and volume of the fat making cells. This treatment can be done on any individual having excessive weight and results in better body shaping.

The liposuction procedure takes from 1-4 hours depending upon the amount of fat needed to be reduced. We assure you the permanent and natural results with less pain and help you live up a healthy life ever after the treatment. The results start appearing within a week with best results after to 3-4 months after the procedure. We can avail you the special offer and attractive discounts to get this costly treatment done at affordable cost. You can now move ahead with confidence and face the world through best treatments from Dermaclinix.

Sr. No Package Name 1 Sitting 4 Sittings Valentine Day Offers Get Package
1. Abdomen Front 12000/- 36000/- 25000/- click here
2. Abdomen Flanks 12000/- 36000/- 25000/- click here
3. Full Abdomen 20000/- 60000/- 40000/- click here
4. Double Chin 6000/- 18000/- 12500/- click here
5. Shoulders 10000/- 30000/- 20000/- click here
6. Thigh 12000/- 36000/- 12500/- click here
7. Full Face 10000/- 30000/- 20000/- click here
(Service tax applicable)