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Chemical peeling treatment best cost in dlehi peels are really effective for anti ageing treatment for skin such as improving the texture and skin tone, improving skin color and maintaining freshness as a youthful skin. Peeling has been considered best anti ageing treatment of age spots and wrinkles.

We at Derma Clinix, offer you 3 different types of chemical peelings i.e.

  1. Superficial Anti Aging Chemical Peels – This kind of chemical peeling removes the cells from epidermis for better skin. This only affects the top layers of the skin and need to be repeated on a regular base to maintain the effect.
  2. Medium Anti Aging Chemical Peels – This chemical peeling treatment removes the skin cells from both the epidermis and upper part of the skin and creates a controlled inflammation and heals the ageing skin. This must be repeated within 6 months to maintain the effect.
  3. Deep Anti Aging Chemical peels – This is the best one and must be taken from an expert surgeon or dermatologist for good treatment

An anti aging chemical peeling is usually for removing the old, dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). This not only improves facial area but also effective for arms hands and neck with a greater risk of adverse effects. This treatment helps to grow new cells.

Sr. No Package Name Price 6 Sittings Price Get Package
1. Dark Circle (Claze) 2000/- 10,000/- click here
2. Salicylic Peel (Face) 2000/- 10,000/- click here
3. Glycolic Peel (Face) 2000/- 10,000/- click here
4. Glycolic Peel (Full Arm) 5000/- 25,000/- click here
5. TCA (Cosmo Peel) 2500/- 12,500/- click here
6. Retinol (Yellow Peel) 2500/- 12,500/- click here
7. Lactic Acid (Malespeel) 2000/- 10,000/- click here