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At DERMACLINIX, DELHI we offer hymen repair surgery, hymenoplasty, or restoration Hymen before and after hymenoplastyof the hymenal ring with excellent results performed by experienced plastic/cosmetic surgeons. Many women have travelled from across the globe to get successful hymen repair surgery at DERMACLINIX.

The hymenal ring normally gets disrupted after a woman has had sexual intercourse or even after strenuous physical activity or tampon use. Sometimes, for cultural or other personal reasons (for example, an upcoming marriage), a woman would like to restore a more intact, tighter hymenal ring and experience vaginal bleeding and pain with the "first" sexual intercourse. Using a special surgical technique, our expert cosmetic surgeon performs hymen repair surgery to tighten and restore the hymen to a more intact, virgin-like state. We customize the hymen repair surgery or hymenoplasty cost in delhi and india to the individual needs and expectations of the patient, as are discussed during the required pre-surgical consultation and thorough gynecological examination. In most cases, the hymen repair surgery or hymenoplasty is virtually undetectable after complete healing, and our patients have been extremely pleased with amazing, very natural-looking hymen repair surgery results.