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People with nail fungus treatment cost and clinic in delhi often feel uncomfortable and shy to wear sandals. The nail fungus causes nails to become brittle, thick and pale yellow in color which looks so ugly, annoying and painful. The affected individuals even feel low in confidence and even spends huge amount of money to clear the fungal infections. Nail fungus, or onychomycosis, affects between 9-10 % of the population. Toenails are four times more likely to be affected than finger nails and men are more likely to suffer than women.

At Derma Clinix, Our doctors use best laser therapy to vaporize nail fungus, a common cause of painful, unsightly toenails. Unlike conventional lasers that uses heat, we use an advanced new handheld device relies on a special type of intense light to kill the fungus. It is a painless therapy which takes ten minutes to treat each foot without harming the surrounding tissues of the toe and nail bed. Also the toenail fungus removal laser treatment does not have any side-effects that have been associated with drug therapy.