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The clear and even skin tone makes your look ideal and denotes healthy skin too. The skin pigmentation cost in delhi often affects the color of your skin. The pigmentation disorders not only affect patches of the skin but sometimes the entire body also. If your body starts making more melanin, it results in dark skin color also.

The uneven skin tone and dark spots on the skin which are referred as "hyper pigmentation" often leaves people in lack of confidence and self esteem. The pigmentation can occur on your face as well as on other areas of the body. Even though these patches are harmless, it doesn't look attractive and can distract from your appearance. There can be many reasons of internal pigmentation such as due to birth control pills, pregnancy, nursing, illnesses medications, and ageing.

At Derma Clinix, we offer you the best pigmentation treatment that will amaze you as just how much you could improve your overall appearance. We usually recommend 1-2 courses of 6 laser treatments which is minimum required and the deeper stubborn pigmentation can require 3 - 4+. Generally the best results require some patience but the end results are permanent, natural and very rewarding without any complications.

We use the latest laser technology in pigmentation treatment and our results are second to none. We have treated thousands of satisfied patients successfully ensuring them to enjoy smooth clear skin for the long term.

Sr. No Package Name 1 Sitting 6 Sittings Valentine Day Offer 4 Sittings Get Package
1. Below 5cm2 6000/- 24000/- 12000/- 20000/- click here
2. 5-10 cm2 8000/- 30000/- 16000/- 28000/- click here
3. 10cm2 to 20cm2 10000/- 35000/- 20000/- 36000/- click here
4. Upto 20cm2 12000/- 40000/- 24000/- 40000/- click here