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At Derma Clinix,we perform PRP therapy at best cost and doctor in delhi as a proactive therapeutic option for male/female patients experiencing hair loss. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) is an exciting therapy option for those who need stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions and is completely non-surgical. It is a natural medical procedure performed by physicians for hair loss/hair thinning.

PRP therapy offers promising results for natural hair growth for those patients who are not suitable for surgery. PRP is also a beneficial therapy for surgical patients who want a complimentary procedure for their hair loss at the same time apart from hair transplant with either automated FUE or the STRIP procedure.

Whether you are looking for additional hair stimulation, or are looking to have hair surgery with the addition of PRP, Derma Clinix is able to fulfill your hair growth needs. Although the hair loss treatment results vary from patient to patient, PRP as a non-surgical option offers you the best results with natural hair growth and hair thinning improvement of hair follicles.