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Despite of giving warnings to people about the permanence of a tattoo marks, still people love to embark these and even after some time get bored and want to get it removed. There are many ways to reduce the appearance of tattoos or totally remove them at Derma Clinix.

Tattoo removal cost and clinic in delhi treatments vary from laser removal to surgical excision but it is very much necessary for an individual to investigate their tattoo type and then pick a suitable tattoo removal treatment as it depends upon an array of different factors and considerations. Laser tattoo removal treatments are really a successful treatment option and the cost usually depends upon the size and type of tattoo. At Derma Clinix, we assure you the best laser tattoo removal treatments under a our guarantee program

Sr. No Package Name 1 Sitting 6 Sittings Valentine Day Offer 4 Sittings Get Package
1. Below 5cm2 6000/- 24000/- 12000/- 20000/- click here
2. 5-10 cm2 8000/- 30000/- 16000/- 28000/- click here
3. 10cm2 to 20cm2 10000/- 35000/- 20000/- 36000/- click here
4. Upto 20cm2 12000/- 40000/- 24000/- 40000/- click here