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The anti-aging thermage treatment cost and clinic in delhi is non invasive in nature and involved no injections, surgery rather uses RF (Radio frequency) to provide you the beautiful youthful skin. The thermage treatment is mainly done for tightening skin tissues, improving skin tone, renewing facial contours and stimulating new collagen production.

Thermage treatment delivers energy to the epidermis as well as deep skin layer without damaging the superficial layer and results in new collagen formation. This helps in making improved tight skin within 3-6 months. Thermage anti ageing treatment is used to treat parts or whole face, neck, around eyes, decolletage and any other loose skin.

At Derma Clinix, we provide best thermage treatment for skin at affordable cost all skin types and tones and it is relatively painless procedure. This procedure is carried out from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the area of the treatment. Usually only one session is enough and it has no downtime.